Description: Though I had done marketing (including newsletters, social media, print and digital advertising, web content, posters, and more) to promote nearly-nightly ticketed shows at the Crystal Ballroom (1500 capacity), I was fully in charge of managing all marketing for Lola’s Room shows (300 capacity). This also included determining a budget in conjunction with the band’s management team and closing out the finances after the show. The first show I took on was the haunting pop singer Alexandra Savior on February 12, 2020. Lola’s Room in general had struggled with selling out shows – this could be due to the venue’s inconsistent show dates, usually unknown artists, among other reasons – but I was determined to change things.

With a marketing budget of $500, I coordinated social media posts; designed three newsletters sent to McMenamins fans and past ticket buyers of similar interest (show announcement, tickets on sale announcement and week prior reminder); managed the design of multiple print ads, slide shows and posters; and ran multiple giveaways with partners like KBOO and do503, as well as a Facebook giveaway.

With just hours before the show, we were informed that Alexandra was sick and we had to postpone the show, which brought its own set of marketing responsibilities. I had to create language that formally expressed Alexandra’s sorrow for having to postpone the show, as well as how ticket buyers could get refunded if they so chose to. Then, this language was copied on our website, social media, in a newsletter to ticket buyers and on Alexandra’s social media.

Goal: Behind various marketing strategies, the goal was to sell at least 277 tickets in order to break even in our budget.

Result: The new show was set for April 29, 2020, and had sold 191 tickets by mid-March when everything was suddenly shut down due to COVID-19. The show had done significantly better than past shows at Lola’s Room and was on track to sell out by its April show date. After the Alexandra Savior show, I had 10 shows in my docket that I was fully managing that were on pace to do well, also.

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